What is Social Surge?

We are a boutique social media marketing company focusing on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. We specialize in building and expanding a strong social media following for your business, band or personal account.

Our team knows the ins and outs of social media and how each platform can be used to share one’s unique view on the world and the importance of constantly reaching out to a new potential audience.

The fact is social media is the strongest marketing tool of today. Ranked as one of the ten-most-visited websites worldwide with 175 million users, building and expanding your following on Twitter alone is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss out on.

What We Do

We specialize in Twitter & Instagram followers; YouTube views, likes & subscribers; and Spotify song plays & followers (which are needed in order to become verified and claim ownership of your Spotify page).

We target the right people you want following your business by using our own uniquely developed method that ensures every follower, view and like you receive is by a real person interested in what you have to offer to the world.

Our primary goal here at Social Surge is to use our highly developed know-how of each social media platform operates to maximize and increase your exposure, online legitimacy and, most importantly, your ongoing growing following.

Why Us?

Every single follower, view and like you receive from us is by a real person who has been personally targeted based on your custom campaign and are highly likely to be fully interested in what you have to say and offer.

Other companies claiming to grow your followers are using databases of fake accounts to automatically follow your account so that it appears you are growing in popularity but, in all reality, they are just taking your money and doing nothing to build your business.

What sets us apart is the fact that we aren’t interested in vanity number multiplication; we’re determined to actually build your followers, your customers, your clientele, your fan-base. There is no other way to do this unless you target real active users and this is what we do.


Views: $20 per 1k views
Likes: $25 per 50 likes
Subscribers: $50 per 100 subscribers
SPOTIFY (Followers):
250 Followers –> $200
500 Followers –> $350
1,000 Followers –> $600
2,000 Followers –> $1,000
5,000 Followers –> $2,100
10,000 Followers –> $3,500
20,000 Followers –> $6,000
50,000 Followers –> $12,000
100,000 Followers –> $20,000
SPOTIFY (Plays):
1,000 Plays –> $75
5,000 Plays –> $350
10,000 Plays –> $615
50,000 Plays –> $1,000
100,000 Plays –> $1,650
200,000 Plays –> $2,700
500,000 Plays –> $5,900
1,000,000 Plays –> $10,000
$1,000 per account per month
50 Followers –> $15
100 Followers –> $28
250 Followers –> $62
500 Followers –> $98
1,000 Followers –> $187
2,500 Followers –> $403
5,000 Followers –> $715
10,000 Followers –> $1,210
25,000 Followers –> $2,538
50,000 Followers –> $4,260
100,000 Followers –> $7,503
*Organic = 100% real. Bulk = boost.


Please feel free to contact us for a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible: info@social-surge.com

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